Hymns for the All-Creator

Searching for the essence of religion,
For one religion is out of mercy,
another is reached by labor.

For a religion is by prayer
to reach out for the purpose
of a living for the goodness of the world.

As religion, gives a meaning
to a life, when direct interests fail.

When becoming dissatisfied with living,
and searching for happiness.
As health fails and pain is part of time.

As the life of a person is without
a higher purpose, as labor fails.

One seeks the name of the lord,
and investigates many religions.

As One seeks the highest meaning
in life, and travels past gods,
and powers, to just be a servant
of what is called goodness,
of what is called wisdom and virtue.

As society shows the injustice,
of those in poverty not ensured
of the daily food,

As the injustice of those lacking
medical care, even when technology is

The injustice of countries and nations
getting to war at each other, and
the inhabitants not ensured
of the existance the next day.

The injustice of the leaders,
who earn riches and give it to
their personal favors.

As these hymns are describing
a personal instrument to change
life to a good living.
To change a life to a meaning
giving radiance to the far future.

As hymns are about the love,
the love of education,
the love of labor,
the love of safe living.

May hymns be the words of those
who live according to godheads laws.

May hymns be the words of those
who by prayer get surity of existence.

As hymns are describing the ways
a godhead gives to his devoted adepts.

As hymns, are about technology,
are about behaviour to reach the virtues.
And are about equality giving
everyone basic rights, basic laws,
and the combination into plight.

May these hymns be part of the
songs about the All-Creator,
and a possible empire of Dehalon.

As Dehalon, this name, is about
a million planets and a thousand stars.

May this song be a particle of
one planet, and one star, in
the range of those thousands.

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