Jesus King in universe

As in Dehalon the empire of many planets
of suns solar orbs and light of uncommon source

As religions on earth, by certainty are visible
in space too.

As Christianity, Yeshua king of jews,
but also king in the universe.

As many human populations in space
have received His mercy,
and belong by faith to his
holy Kingdom of God.

As Jesus is the Lord most high
within the trinity being
the saviour and origin of the gospel

As Jesus in space is King of Holy Kingdom.

As is said that he does not travel to
one planet only but chooses
to visit many worlds granting his Mercy
and each planet has the choice to
either accept and receive the full gospel
to have doubts and accept mercy as much
as they can have.
And to abject it or punish him
and being given the mercy Jesus gives.

As Jesus Christ is king in the universe,
The Lord most High of his gospel
And the mercy to all the worlds

As the dutch proverb, Maria queen
of Angels, vrouwe aller volkeren.