Prerequisite of contact

Reasons for scientific uses.

When a specie is self-dependent
its not bound by the mercy of others.

When a specie is mature and adult
they can make decisions and choices
without the backlash of fate.

When a specie has developed
to solve its owns problems
they are with strong basis.

Contact with other regions
give diseases by example
of the new world with indians.

Diplomatic responsability
is always with mutual
understanding and good intentions.

Children can mistake ghosts
for real life beings,
therefore just distinctions
and discrimnation.

For contact can only be
if the other is not
tempted for weakness.

Scientific exchange
needs an eye of estimation.

Wisdom, always is brought
by a source of religion.

Contact is always with
mutual vision of features.
like an element of culture,
tradition or religion.

When a specie is mature,
a messenger is respected
and not prosecuted for
being a messenger.

As even far in space,
intelligence shares
features of having feelings,
having intentions,
having wishes,
and to be touched by
As well the ability to learn.