Atom size existence

As every living being consists of life and
parts of living.

For a human being in a home with partner
children and a nice computer is a goal
to return to everyday after work.

For a human teenager, the wish
to have good education and a good job
to be respected and to be esteemed
is fruitfull.

As he or she dreams of,
if i reach that level of education,
i find a girl with similar hobbys
and we buy a place for ourselves
and beget children.

For a human child, at primary
school, longing to play at
the playground between the lessons
at school.

For a human elderly,
thinks of which advices
to give to offspring and those
at work.

Every living being,
share the features and characteristics
of life, and all search to be part
of society. to fullfill life.

Some have the wish to become
a certain person.

Some have the wish to earn
a living on a specific level.

Some have the wish to serve
either society, a god, or an ideal.

As humans we recognize all other humans,
by posture, by speech, by action.

As on earth many live together,
from poor to rich,
from short to large,
from tradition to science.

As all living beings in the universe,
share a society with all their known
fellow kinds.

As all living beings in the universe,
some are smart and full of science,
others are emerging from medieval cities.

The atom size,existence,
according to Einstein,
the smaller, the less weight,
the faster it travells.

The atom size, existence,
according to a philosopher,
without being seen, it does not exist.
As Columbus reached new shores,
He was not recognized for they only knew indians.

The atom size, existence,
it flies faster than a space ship,
it knows more than a world full of thinktanks.
it observes more than camera's on a baseballfield.

The atom size, existence,
A theory of existence,
A practical use of communication.

Should they exist,
they would have their purpose,
Would they exist,
What would be prerequisites of contact,
If they exist,
Either good and bonding all living worlds,
or not interested,
flying to pass through,
to visit may regions,
without direct purpose or goal.