president of planets

As the artemia kingdom holds the vault
to a thousand planets.

A conglomerate of fourty six planets
has one president guarding it.

As presidents are in function
of a royal family.

As a royal family hold the power
at three planets.

The president has some

As they may not attend a religion,
as otherwise they would have a
higher authority than the crown-family.
and could with their power oppose them.

As the president is appointed for three hundred years
and are studied in all aspects of ruling.

As to be forbidden a religious devotion
is also otherwise they have ahimsa,
as the presidents according to their
study and function are sometimes obliged
to take steps violating ahimsa.

As when religious they would not
follow the protocol they have,
as the religious source
by function is by prayer or revelation.
and the protocol would be violated
if the gods would give different answers
or different tasks.

The president if they would
say, i want to follow a religion,
they would be said,
it is forbidden if you stay asking it
you will loose the function of president
and even when failing, being fired of the function
would give them disgrace.