Hymn on the land of the white tiger

As i saw a vision of a beautifull lady,
as i saw a second vision of another laday.

They were blond and carried the expression
of their daily live.

One was with the stain of a harsh existence.
as the land of white deserts.
She hunted weekly for a white tiger.
as the food and the cloting of their

As the other was the lady of a four
white desert planets, as the queen
a lady-czar of high beauty.

She was with the vision of
the beauty of royal kind.
as she daily commanded her population.
to the needs she wished for.

As the land of the white tiger.
one was the unity with the land
as daily struggle.
She was with stains fo daily life
but yet her soul glanced in her eyes.
as if she was with power.

The land of the white tiger,
the vision of royal blood
no one can deny their look
as her citizens obey all
her commands, as in her eyes
we saw her blue blood her look
of superior class.