Hymn on the journey to a medieval planet

I was as being in direction to a world unknown
They said a large problem arose from the
vault of its existence.

An existence of a society with
uncommon marks, and uncommons requisites.

As i was arriving at its world
and their baseground was as an
objective for caring a constitutional problem

As i was arriving all the marks of an
unwanted method were vividly seen.
as the technology level seemed to
be in line with the mission but yet
it was showing technology of
higher kind.

As sometimes technology of higher kind
is as being in the shade of reality
making it either lost, or damaged
and yet ancient messages foretold.

This society held the mark of a holy one.
Yet as seen by the experts of all sciences
its technology was as being in demise.
words without meaning, stories without scientific proof

As this society shew no longer the wisdom
of the old ones. as ancient religion tells.

I was arriving and changed my clothes to
the right color of an agency yet with power.

As these technologies showed the power
of large faults, and large arguments.
but yet the mission was stated to be attended.

As i arrived i saw the marks of the holy man
as the message of a high sender, and the
possiblity to surrender the cause.

As the high sender foretold as a society
not on ground of the higher specie
with the tranquility of reaching the goal.

As this society tells of countries many
on its planet, and tells of nations
all quarrreling with each other.

As this society tells in their movies
of all kinds of leisure and danger.
as a policeman entangled in missions
of high tension, as a story yet to unfold.

This world with its society foretold
in their movies, as tension according to story.

As this society is filled with the constitution

of all countries saying their name is the only real.
as these nations hold the gift not of peace,
not of worldpeace but the roman verb
as bread and plays, yet with the form of
virtuality and showed on television or
the playground of higher existence the computer.

As all the higher knowledge decyphered,
this society holds no universal peace,
as even in their universities they tell
of movies and television not the
ground of constitution.

As for a society to bond with
the universe, need the knowledge
of worldpeace at its ground,
and not to be showed as leisure
within the danger of books and literature.

As the requisite for contact,
yet exisiting only given at
the serious wish to be part
of the universe.

As there is a difference in
the persuit of leisure in
literature with all kinds of
stories on surviving danger
and the stories about hardship
as well the aim of worldpeace
and the warning to not get entangled
in the abjection of all good virtues.

As rightiousness is in our mouth
and forbearance is in our heart
and wisdom is in our soul.

Yet the name of mercy
is with the name of the godhead