Eleskim Times

As the times of a reburishing are always after a period
of using the dimension or earth for the project with
the subject, theme of that moment.

Suppose the Netherlands, the woods of the veluwe
were not grown by nature but in a former period
by a scheme designed in the period.

As a period is a time of a hundred years
and is used for a centre of projects being
bound to the wordly situation, and the time
of a full period for investigation.

As a period can have a scientific goal
to have certain schemes being tested

As the example of the Trumans show
except the show was for leisure or vacation time
and to be used for television or theatre

Except the period in this scheme is not
for actors and actresses, but for the full
load of all people living in this area
to now know about their past.

As the period by example the woods
were used for a full life scheme,
and were designed by the country

As this period is the next one,
the woods are regarded as natural grown,
as all periods not only are usuable
in their time but leave a legacy
for the future periods.

As between periods, they clean up the mess
and use several materials to prepare for
the next period.

For example the nag hammadi writings
were put in a thousand years ago
in a different period.

And as they say, leave it be,
for it can give a positive change
if such things are found.

As between periods a full clean up
needs a lot of work.

As the use of these dimensions, worlds
and their period is called
the Eleskim times.

As this period, we see at television
or in the media and the internet
traces of former periods.

As ten years ago, the trade
of bonds and shares not yet digital
there was a so called computer program
able to give profits of millions.
As it was a small trace of a former period.

The Eleskim Times,
this period will at some time end
and the next one will be prepared.
And what we leave will either
be used, or cleaned.

As the profit of an Eleskim times
is the period being usefull for
the scientific investigation.