Hymn on the thousand years

As a vision of far away.

They live a thousand years in peace and health
as they live so long, their lifespan is
with experience.

As their education is by phases,
as a twenty years is to obtain normal
job levels.

As the president of a planet,
name a lady looking as eighteen years.
She keeps her beauty of short age for
a three hundred years.

As the president of a twenty planets,
starts at two hundred years,
and she looks still as twenty one.

As the hierarchy is bound by
education and expertism,
they are not with mistakes many times.

As above five hundred years,
they have seen the function to
govern a two hundred planets,
and start to be a general advisor.
name a man lookign as a thirty or fourty years old

As jobs in space when having a lifespan
of a thousand years, they look as
on earth only a fragment of time.

As those presidents are elected and
confirmed by their worlds.

A voting system of both democracy
and the elected famous or expert people.

envision that famous and experts
are like soccer players being scouted.
And when very good they are choosen
for a voting council.

as these two kinds of elections
are the source of appointing a president.

As for example the girl of eighteen,
reigning as president of a planet for
a hundred years,
was choosen because of her good grades
and her kind character.

As the general advisor was choosen
for his expert leadership capabilities.

As these voting councils are from up to
down. as from above the four hundred planets
to the president and division on one planet.

As to say the more up the roles,
the more outstanding they have to be.
both for being elected as president
as well to be part of the voting councils.