Hymn on Sekurno

As for all planet based societies
the main property of defense is
by the level of technology.

Now suppose a technolohy alliance
gives a kind of subscription
to a defense method.

As a defense method of three kinds.
the one is the force field attended
above the ozone layer,
blocking all stones, and material based
objects. by bumping them off.

The second one is a beam to
block all lightspeed based projectiles.
as by blocking them with a beam
they are overloaded with energy
and then imploding to nullifying matter.

The third one is by energy,
all energy weapons by giving
a small bulb as a softball
as bumping them
and then the energy looses
its direction and its speed.
as flying past the main planet and
its spheres.

This defense method
the Sekurno is like a subscription
based on a technology alliance.

As each planet has different
aspects, like ground,
materials, energy, near solar orb.
the costs for this alliance
subscription are always
individual and by ratio.