Castle in the air

As the castle in the midts of the air,
being invisible by its dreaming nature.

As the country of the blessed,
being hidden in plain sight,
as the blessed one travel to it.

As we point to the sky and say
all good ones live in heaven.

As we at night watch the stars,
and say Orion the hero lives there.

As we dream of being part
of a kingdom with a thousand years peace.

As we dream of being endowed with
supernatural or heroic gifts.

As the scientists dream of
receiving insights.

One longs for the code of life,
to enhance.

Another dreams of having
the social secret granting
society peace and wealth.

As to dream of a method
to have gold at the doorstep
made of iron.

As the philosopher dreams
of the fountain of eternal youth
as the stone of philosophers.

As when we connect to space,
to point the blue and say
we travel to the far kingdoms.

And we connect to a tenfold
human societies and alliances.

And to begin a trade route,
We receive technology,
with full description.

And to begin a trade route,
experts of all fields being
exchanged for a mutual benefit.

As to begin a trade route,
for a long lasting friendship.

As we on earth bring our technology
and science to poor regions.
Teaching them to cope with life,
To even build food in the desert.

To grant the wealth to all
inhabitants of our world.

As dreaming of a castle in
the midst air, we dream of

science and technology,
as self-knowledge is being
a vital part of all self-conscious

As self-knowledge is to
judge our intents,
to build society on
rules, rules as laws
grounded in the constitution.