Higher cause

As the tale of a long forgotten nation,
of a world and planet far away.

As this tale of a robin hood,
a lonely doctor in quest for eternity

As the elixer of life, granted to a
doctor regarding the soul of all living being.

As this doctor,
was in the quest for the elixer of life.
He found to bless the poor ones, poverty with allowance,
He found to bless those sick and with diseases with their healthcare.

As this robin hood, found out that the riches
were not granting happiness, and the money
only served the souls being diverted from virtue.

As this nation far away,
we call it a world of a thousand spheres.
We call it a solar system with a hundred suns.

As this doctor crafted a message,
and hid it in the soul of a pure one.

As to receive a judgement of the Lord most High,
is to begin feeling the blessing.

The guidance of the Lord most High,
was with the wisdom told by
the intuition of the Earth.

As the religions were calles
the royal families of a nation,
granting after surrender an edcuation
and a job, as the fruits given back to the source.

As the enemy of the Lord, the devil was named
an evil king, giving pain penance as prime method
even highest saint uncertain if his goodness would last.

As the fishing net of evil seduction taking
the blessing of a lifetask away,
and would give even the saint give up on
his quest.

As this doctor had friend, from higher up
a cause to serve reality with all its
daylight, sunlight and wisdom.

As this doctor told a prayer being the
source of all wisdom, blessing and virtues.

As this doctor being persecuted for his
task giving poor money and healthcare
to those without means.

As this doctor was receiving attention
of this evil king, did see his time coming
longing to give his ideal the ground needed.

As his message was not lost,
for all saints surrendering to the Lord
received part of his blessing,
to give a message of good hope.

As the tale giving speech to
religion in the words of a nation
without higher words.

As the tale giving speech to
a new kind of faith,
as all saints receive a task
worthy of living.

As the evil king the personification
of the devil, chasing all goodness
for even those lost or lonely
have the right to exert freedom
just to add their part to society.

As this doctor,
not with a name,
for its a tale of long forgotten times,
but the message to surrender,
to receive thr treasury of the Lord
is still today.

a message found in the hearts of
all those blessed, as an advice.