Hymn on sacred fields

As on earth we see all kind of
countries with languages and the kind
of trade they have internal and with each other

we see countries with lack of water and lack
of clean technologies

We see countries with bad technology
wounding all population and giving
feelings of sadness.

We see countries with the abundance
of their life functions.
much of food, much of drink
and leisure to be at theatrres
and to be at home watching the
movies they like even at subscription.

As on earth we have regions
blessed with rain and greenery
and regions poor and desert.

As the same kind of view
there are countries blessed
with religion, virtues and fatih

and there are countries
as if cursed full of war
and full of conflict

as if this goodness and evil
is like a silver light laying
over the area's on earth.

Now the step upto the universe
all these themes are applicable to
the whole field of the universe as well.

Worlds being blessed by science
wealth and health.

worlds being blessed with
green and blue areas giving
plenty of joy.

But worlds cursed with war
and evil as well.

There fore one tells children
to watch out and be carefull
where to play.

So the universe is as a playground
and good areas give happiness
and bad areas are filled with suffer.