Hymn on contact with Dehalon

As the morale of a country, a state or nation.
is by the effect of law for all the citizens.

Like everyone has the right to feel safe,
As everyone has the right to be part of society.

As everyone, when educated is promised a job
on the level of expertism.

When a person is dissatisfied with life,
a path to a new future should be available.

In the extent of life,
when a citizen complaints,
a listening ear ought to be present.

Whether the complaint is about work,
about social life, about consuming,
or at politics, with laws or government
not being the utilized way it should be.

Dehalon an empire of a thousand stars,
as every civilisation grows, it
acknowledges every problem that can arise.

As with a child, every stage of life
has problems to cope with, lessons to learn
and by the comfort of parents, step over
pain and suffering.

one says why not granting all knowledge at once.
one says by the wisdom a planet steps over
all the problems and discomfort.

one says why no contact from early arise
of a civilized society.

Why not nurturing a society,
to speeding the advanced society.

when a planet, or combined society
is growing, and learning to be dependent
on good and just sources.

when a planet discovers the use of light
for computing, robotics and machines.

when a planet has a safety net
to not let any soul go to waste,
or to outcast any on prejudice.

makes their contact on
a right time, as they would
provide after contact
an adult relationship.
of exchanging technology,
a ration of special materials.
and the use of language
to program computers beyond
the level we have