Hymn of e-turn-O

As the hymn on E turno means the tale
of those seeking their lifegoals.

As the hymn is of those at the border
of their youth and adult life.

As they choose their obligation
of either being a full scientist,
a person in the workforce with
a nice relationship

Or either in a monastery or
being devoted to a godhead.

As the Eturno means for everyone
the moment of choice.

The choice which way to go,
which way to attend a life obligation

As being an adept is a choice which
will be for full life as one gives up
the otion of a relationship.

As this choice,
when choosing the full carreer as a scientist
one will have a path similar to the great
scientists Leonarda da Vinci or Michaelangelo.

As when one chooses the relationship
they receive the blessing of a
nice lifepartner and chlildren.

As when one seeks destiny in
the religious path,
one will have aperiod of reading
all religious insights
and to write a series of books
regarding religion, philospohy and
other sciences of human factor.

As the religious path is
rewarding for those choosing it.

As similar to the kind of reward
of other paths.

As the adept is happy with a
gift of a godhead,
the friendship is happy
with kind reactions of their children.

And the scientist is happy
when an invention is getting through.

There by the choice of
choosing the path of life
as before all paths
as otherwise doors would be closed.

This choice is called
as a conscious decision
is being accepted by the gods.