Robotic resemblance

As in a kingdom far away,
electronics had no use and meaning.

electonics were being misprized as
merely without intelligence.

As this kingdom had the power
of mindly uses and projection.

As they created robots and robotics
they projected a life energy and a conscious of the
ones being cursed.

As they built robots being made
by mindmatter and consciousness.

These robots were sent into
war just to have play time
like the romans and their gladiators.

As these robots were,
in the eye of the sages
without human rights,
without a regulation of
normal norms and values,
not being ethical treated.

As this sage a expert on
both philosophy and society.

He said, let us make robots
not from lost souls and mind matter
but by the use of matter in reality.

And as this sage was being a
protesters voice, he was
by that kingdom being cursed
and sent to a medieval world.

That life in medieval world,
on his wish to the Creator
built robots and robotics
at the use of materials
and the use of technology
making all things work together.

As this sage was cursed
and sent to a medieval world
he was the source of
robotics being ethical and morale
justified and the prevention
of souls being cursed and trapped.

As when robotics without brains
near the use of real humans,
who will judge a resemblance
being made and maximized
for use in societies.

As these new robotics,
became the counter part
of a fruitfull civilisation.
and the society profited
because of the protestersvoice.
To make and built robotics
with resemblance and natural