Hymn on the Monolith of essentials Eskeep

As on a strange planet i have seen
a communication capsule.
As it was for times and times
to bear its value.

As on a strange planet i have seen
this monolith silver in color
as it was a thousand people high
and as a monolith it was there.

As it was a time framed capsule.
as stored as a vault in the ground

As this monolith was bound by radiance
and gave its message when after time
a civilisation would rise.

As a civilisation risen from
the medieval kinds. and the use
of electric currunt.

As this civilisation using
electromagnetic communication.
found the monolith at its place.

As the vault beneath held the
priceless information
and the monolith communicated.

As a year around, the wheather
conditions change. and every
day the vault was as drawing the
line of information.
As the wisdom of the everyday
new kind.

This monolith was risen from
the ashes of ancient past.
as the method granting the
information about the
holy scriptures,
the sciences of yore,
and the stories of tradition.

As a clockwork its work
it gave every day a message.
about long ago, about the
future of today, about the
colors of the rainbow,
and the sciences still unknown.

This monolith was in high times
read everyday, and recorded
as the messages followed one
after another.

This monolith as a silver
antenna in its core,
the vault as passive yet
changing everyday the year.

This gave priceless information
and was with a language, we
could not speak but yet understood.

The monolith as a beacon in
the high storms of time.
waiting for the day to give
all wisdom the full year.

As they say, the knowledge of
time is not by code,
not by language but yet
the monolith was as risen from
medieval times, as the kind
of sciences still not understood.