The princess and the jewel

As the myth of the kingdom far away
in a stellar system being human
and with culture partly like us
partly different.

As the princess was about to marry,
and to wed to a prince of other nation.

She was being prepared as the culture
and tradition gave place.

She was to be shaved at her head
for the ritual was no blemishes in the hair
and the use of hair of seven virgins
being cut off the day before.

As the princess was shaved,
a precious ornament was used
as the jewel made of large diamond
and the string of gold together with silver

As the jewel was on the front of her
forehead with a small piece of glue
to keep it there.

As well the string of gold and silver
holding the jewel on place
was attached on her shaven head.

As this jewel and the string
were in place, and the hair of
seven virgins were put above it
as a peruke.

As she was being clothed with
a precious gown with the use
of diamond adornments.

As this ritual was in place
for the princess alone
as being expensive and
very valuable.

As this jewel on her forehead
was with meaning.

As its explanation was
it represented the
third eye, the eye of pure
wisdom and the light
of the effulgent creator.

This jewel as the hindu
kaustabha jewel representing
the wish-fulfilling gem.

As the princess in her
becoming of a queen
most important to
have the third eye
being open and to reign
according to wisdom
and the virtue of history
of all saints and sages.