Circle Fabric of reality

As a myth told long ago.
A myth of a different time.

As a myth in the vast space with
the thousands of species,
the thousand of languages.

This myth about a device,
The myth still searchin for it.

It would belong to a race of billions of years
ago. a race of thousand planets.

The civilisation of pure grace.
The wealth of gold and diamonds
used for both communication and computing.

This civilisation would have a kind of
technology capable of high power.

As the round circle, with on five spots a circle
in the opposite directions.
Those five circles on the line of the other circle

As a crown from silver round and with five rounds.
This circle was as being in contact with
the fabric or reality.

The fabric ofreality capable of changing
all matter, all materials, all energy
even to change the frequency of the beings
it was nearby.

This circle connected with the fabric of reality
as it could change as an antenna all fabrics
nearby it was a myth.

Many races were in quest and journey
to find this circle, as it would be
an entrance to a better time.
Filled with the marvel of technology
even without the need to be a master
in sciences and language.

As this circle could give everything
even without the need of description,
the need of using language for it.

This circle as a myth, nowhere found
the thousands still searchin for it.

This circle can change the fabric of
reality. And as this circle itself
does need no operator of any kind.

Even the question if they could
put intelligence is a question
without an answer.

The circle as a myth.
This myth to change the fabric
of reality.