Hymn on Columbus

I began building my vessel,
a ship large and good,
wood to build the hull,
rope to tighten the sails.

I built my ship,
to sail the ocean,
with crew able to stand the wheather.

I built my ship,
to gather to the new world,
to take slaves, gold and precious things.

I built my ship to the
new world my destination.

In our land we are white colored,
and educated in all the western languages.

We filled the ship, with value,
to trade for the uncommon.

We set sails and proofed the winds
we opened sails catched wind
and sailed for a destination
far away, a quest of glory.
To tell the king and queen
of miracles far away.

For months and years we sailed
everyday the sober meal of biscuit
and a piece of vegetables.

For months and years we hoped for
a good meal of steak, meat and bone.

We sailed for months and years,
the daily quarrel of the job to do.

We sailed for months and years,
and some had to die of a seamansordeal.

After years we reached the new world,
many indians awaited us, with glory
they said the people of the gods,
the ships from heaven, with
things of value and the favor of
the new meeting.

The indians gathered at the shore
to see this white colored people
and to see their ships,
made from wood with sails of cotton
and ropes to guide the path.

The invisible path in the see
still hides the route to sail,
to get the new world.

The glory of gold to get home,
the glory of meeting new people.

As the indians, in their conscience,
with myths from long ago,
the new people from the western world
to fill this paradise of heaven,
gold and skins of highclassed animals.

The sail of columbus reached out
for the new world,
The indians awaited the people of the Gods
to take meal and have the peacepipe,
and to talk about myths, stories
traditions and the hardship of existence.

To talk about how to nurture children,
to protect the women, and to have the
soldiers being hunting for meat.

To talk about reverence for the old,
and to speak about those wishing respect

To talk about happenings unwanted for all
those people with human blood.

To talk about war, peace, and the reason
to live, to work and to have happiness.

The reason to talk about the gods,
the angels, the saints and the normal ones.

As Columbus reached the new world.
the everlasting hunting grounds as heaven.