Silk road

As the route through the universe.
from the stellar worlds to the light roads.
From the forest of gems to the sands of gold

From the waters of the nile to the oceans
of methane

From the woods of silvery trees to the diamonds found
at eastern shores.

The silk road to bring precious to precious
and trading this for that.

The silk road to bring costly to costly
and trade money for coins.

The silk road to pay with treasure
and get a good reward.

Each place making and building
and diving for pearls just
for trading at the silk road.

Each place finding its gem
and mining for silver ore
just to trade at the silk road.

As earth one of the habitats
of the traders at silk road
was just trading the diamonds
of the eastern shores
as giving gives more than taking.
And trading a free gift for
a future of many gems.

As one trades the diamonds
as free gifts for the silk road

may it be a vow for threesome
devotion and threesome philantrophy.

May it be a vow for threesome
diamonds found at the root of
heart and soul.

As the silk road through the
universe, was like a milky way
at large and the use of a caravan
full of precious treasury just
for trading at the habitats
giving time.

As time is time for all the beings
in the universe. And the idea
of Christianity to give for giving
and not for taking.

As time is time for all the beings
in the universe.And the idea
of Hinduism to save all wisdom
as best kept hidden to share it
with all.

Like a fountain of silver water
getting the thirst of many
to drink and each day serving
the actions for thirst is the
primary food.

As the foot steps vanish
in the deepness of space

As the caravan is walking along
the road that is guided by
the numbers of holy grail.

As the caravan is walking along
the road that is guided by the
steps of wisemen getting before
at this road making eternity
to grant the treasure for a precious
gift to the habitants of the planets
stellar to sea, to ocean and the sands
to the methane sources.

For silver to gold, and diamonds for
pearls. and food for the living to
the water for the thirst.

May it be a road for the heavens
tot trade its happiness and virtues
to the coin of the verbal phrases.

As wisdom only is traded for the
words it hold and the words
to copy without loosing.
As one becomes many
and many becomes to the ocean
of the universe. Like the coin
making silver to a trading place
of all kinds.