Garden of Spheres

As the garden of spheres was active and
in duty. To please the population while
the work and the suffering continued.

As the garden of spheres was active,
as they said, their pleasure will
speak us free from illegal goverment.

As the garden of spheres was active,
like the perpetual movie set of
the reality series.

As the garden of spheres
all were in the eyes of the subjects
complete worlds, including planets
countries, even the vacation
was as being real.

As the garden of spheres
was the luxery for the hard working
middle class, yet giving
them a time of relaxation.

This garden of spheres
as i was visiting one
in the realm of the solar system
as being the planet called earth.

As the movie set was profound
and being a elite version of
a leisure world.

All camera's were like being
a pearl big, and following
all head actors.

As the cameras followed
to workplace, home, even
the supermarket.

And this sphere was in
the eye of all those watchers,
as they even had the continues
movie at home, at the restaurant,
at the gym,
as all were able to watch continuesly.

This was even with all the televisions,
being with the option to choose
five options, and dailiy the options

for example one option was to watch
closely the headactor at work
with his yearly monitoring talk,

the second option was to watch him
closely at an argument with his wife.

As the third option was showing a
very intimite prayer as he was
in fear for something happening.

As most voices and choices
are choosen, they had the choice
for one of these options daily.

As well the second type of
using this medium, was to
choose at the television

to watch back some important
news, to have a fragment of
five minutes to see
a donzy feather laying on the street,
to see him leaving his home
and greeting his neighbour.

As this continues series,
was like leisure for the worlds
above these garden of spheres.

As with the one argument,
to watch human life,
you have to be human yourself,
to understand social, cultural
and even interaction and behaviour.

As the question,
is this garden of spheres
real, and having a place
in our universe.