The orb of Lancaster

As the founding place was Lancaster.
As it was an orb of 30 cm width and
the color of silver.

As the orb was without borders,
and smooth on all sides.

As the orb was the silver orb
as it had a name in investigation.

When it was found,
it floated above earth
about a meter and a half above ground.

As it was found, it had a small buzz.
as it was having a dimmed light when
darkness set in at the evening.

It was brought to a special centre,
we found out depending on solar light.

As in investigation, it gave a sound
of classic music with the three instruments
of piano, violon and the silver flute.

As we investigated after three days
it began its light message.

As compared to a beamer of a computer
it was a full round orb, and emitted
a light happening, with the twelve colors
among the rainbow kind.

As every day in the morning and the evening
it gave its message, and every day anew.

As the message in the morning and the evening
was alike, but everyday was new.

As the light messages dured for a third of an hour
and after a week we found out its code.

Like color adds to a message when the alphabet
is by color of the rainbow, with all colors
to be a human virtue, a human prayer,
and the explanation of a gospel

This orb of silver found at Lancaster
was the new found technology.
As no one knows from where it comes
or why its emitting its messages.