Agentix Time doctors

As every kingdom has its police or law-enforcers
or has a kind of restrictions for all damage to

As Time and its fabric in space and from space
As time and being governed and leaded by
the Supreme Reality.

This Agentix as they are called,
with an example of a religious
service for handling like freemasonry.

As the proverb:
You spirit is owned by the gods
and your body is in service to society.

As society itself is part of a larger
society or social structure.

As little animals like cats
do recognize their keepers
but not the total of the humans

As this service of time keepers
guarding both time and supernatural causes
is called in my opinion being agentix.

As all agents in agentix have a code
or a number, and are with a specific
code belonging to the time doctors.

As series on television like continuum
talk of time doctors being recognized
by a triple dot on their hands.

As the time doctors or time keepers,
are not a visible kind of guardians
but in the hands of the author.

As agent Q, bound by the allseeing eye
and the Omniscience being a mark of
the religious gods.

This Agent Q, in the science fiction story
would be an agent not anymore in service by
either fullfillment or eldery allowance

This Agent Q, as a girlfriend granting
a feeling of befriending.
As this agent Q a friend for life.

As the story depicts this friendship
its a gesture to a source of freemasonry.

As saints after a religious duty go to heaven,
and some extraordinary become one
with the effulgent Creator and may
attach to the allseeing eye of the Creator.

As saints are in a calm and restfull place
to work in the kingdom as the saints they
are by name known of.

As the gift to attach to the Creator
and its awareness of the full universe.
This Agent Q, after a service as an agent
in heaven became Agent Q, and in heaven
they either enjoy their happiness and the
fullfillment of their pure wishes,
or to work and guard an interest of
the Gods or the Creator.

As this Agent Q, is an inspiration
for all my books and writing.