Artemia Kingdom

As a myth of long ago,
an age of reason and serenity.

As a myth of long ago,
an age of peace for the nations.

A space nation far away,
they had hundreds of planets
and tens of suns and solar orbs.

A space nation far away,
they shared their the mind and spirit,
and were all in accordance of each other.

A space nation far away,
at age of ten they received the
injection of vaccine.

A space nation far away,
the vaccine gave them
the blue eyes of the shared spirit.

They were endowd with colors as
our humanity,
from black to red,
from white to graded.

They were endowed with forms
as us, chinese, japanese,
but as well european and russian.

This space nation,
at ten received the injection
of the vaccine, as their vivid blue
eyes prooved.

This space nation,
hundreds of planets, all shared
this one distinguished mark.
As the source of their peace.

This space nation,
each and every were not able to lie
anymore, no sins, no injustice.
As well all were honest and in honor.

This space nation,
lived for a thousands of years,
as well their basic technology.
giving health, wealth and serenity.

This space nation,
their vivid blue eyes,
as the sign of their cooperation,
compassion and their service.

As not able to lie,
to injustice,
they call
the service-society.

As not bound by labor contract,
but everyone seeks a role to admit to.
As everyone in service to society
did their best job, and were of
consume the good and favors of others.

The service in food industry,
the service in art and technology items.

As the service society,
no one was to rich,
no one was to poor,
and all were part of society.

As this Artemia Kingdom hold a vast
empire of a thousand planets

Having the source of abundance
translated in a generic kind of
both law and societal structure.

They say we have technology to
have total peace, but we choose a
structure of society giving
them peace, but self-law as well.

As they adapt their society
to a certain form.

Giving goverment, giving
public services, giving computing
all the theme's a certain kind
of implementation.

As an example they have voice operated
defense systems, to give the planets
the feeling they are in charge.

As an example they have a vaccin
rooting out all evil intents.
but not giving total happiness
by a certain chemical.

As an example the society still
ha jabor and work contracts
and education, even when a
certain medicine induces a
feeling giving knowledge very high
without much effort.

As an example the species and kinds
have their own appearance, not
being adapted.

As this Artemia Kingdom,
gives a certain kind of goverment
society and both biological and
technology sciences, it has the power
to create heaven-like nations and planets
but yet chooses a level.

This Artemia Kingdom,
has a vast empire of thousand of planets.