Tale of Ta Miscyen

As the ancient ones lived a couple of billions of years ago,
and even the history writing records from far before that moment.

As the ancient ones lived on a thousand of millions of planets
and had a prosperity, wealth and abundance no one can dream of.

As the ancient ones, all kind of forms, but yet humand form
was with holy power. as they received the gift of selfinsight
as the natural choice at youth.

As the ancient ones, had not only omniscience,
but by being in line with reality even without visioning
doing the things needed at best as required.

As the ancient ones, a creation far before
the Lord or Creator created Earth.

As the ancient one, far before creation,
even by the power of awareness from before
this universe.

As the ancient ones, in all universal creations,
share the existence as full conscience,
and full intelligence without the need of learning.

As these ancient ones, grant their mercy,
not by holy book, not by rituals nor by onbligation.

As these ancient ones, grant their mercy,
not by their own decision, but their holy source.

As these ancient ones, were as the tale said,
everywhere their interest is apparent.
and share their view on reality.

May we whisper about their existence,
as they have existence beyond imagination.
as they have existence, for many creations
of universes, times, dimensions.
and the ground of biological intelligent life.

For they have no obligation,
For they theirselves are part of the holy source.
For no one knows of them, unless they reveal
their sunlight of reality

These ancient ones without name and form,
but yet trancending it, as to grant the access
to the holy source. May it be the source
of all religions.