Hymns for the All-Creator

As the flowers in a garden are admired by the king
A king with a crown of gold and jewels.

As the king receives every day
the deference of all his residents.

As he is endowed with high wisdom.

May we buy flowers from the king,
to give the All-Creator.

May we buy gems of the crown of the king,
to give the All-Creator.

May we be volunteers, working
day and night, to serve the All-Creator.

May we grant our children the name
of the All-Creator to be their source.

May we speak of laws, in the favor
of the Holy Name.

May we give our income to the
cause, the All-Creator.

As we live our daily living,
we grant our prayers to be
in daily obligation.

As we build towers with
on top a special sign
just for Him.

As we design a paradise,
a garden with trees full fruits,
with plants with flowers very unique.
That paradise just for His name.

May even when we are simple and poor,
never leave his name out of our speech.

May we even be with deficit,
give our thanks to Him for our

As we serve that high name,
the All-Creator, may he
grant us alms for living.

As a source of light,
not dependend on sun, star, or lamp.

May the abundance of the All-Creator,
never leave our homes.