Hymn about the Maghedan War

As technology advances,
as we can play with a virtual headset
and see rendered games giving a playground
to build and the prosper
and we see like shooters to
play and win the game.

As the technology advances
we play with others as we
like gaming and working together.

As technology advances
the tablet needed for gaming
as well the headset,
are reduced in size,
and maximized in power.

We only need a fingertip
of a computer,
and only one lens to serve
both eyes.

As technology advances
the use of these computers
increases, now they have
become a kind of unit
like a parasite tick waiting
to attach to its host.

As technology advances,
they are used for invisible
protection of a line one and besides
a wealthy nation.

As technology advances
will anyone notice that
reality is transplaced
by a virtual world.
Giving both pleasure,
as well as the feeling
of suffering in the world.

As technology advances,
these units lay in the small
holes, and the shades of darkness.
Waiting to become active
as compared to mice,
they are activated on sight.

Long after the Maghedan War
these units still pollute nature
and all habitats.

Long after the Maghedan War,
Civil society asked for a method
to relieve persons from these units.

Long after the Maghedan War,
Civil society asked for
the medical care for all those
victimes. Lifelong treatment

Long after the Maghedan War,
Society asked for morality.
These units to be forbidden.
These units to be tracked and