Hymns for the All-Creator

In reverence to the All-Creator:

We give every planet abundant energy.
to ensure the society to care.

We give every planet a ration
of metals, gold, iron and others.

We give every planet,
the protection against
the forces opposing peace.

We give every planet a
house of diplomacy.

We give every planet
access to education,
on the level of intelligence.

We give every planet
the chance to learn
about language, about culture.

We give our religion,
as the source of all grace,
of all abundance and providence.

We give the name of a godhead,
as the source of a fountain,
which results in the happiness,
good health, contentment, peace,
and meaning of the whole of it.

Dehalon, the source of peace.
the source of free education,
the source of medical care.
the source of a basic income.

May peace be the sole purpose
of the advanced living.

May peace be the word,
for good health, safety
education, religion,
and a higher meaning in life.