Hymn to the Time Doctors

As a hymn to the time doctors
ever existing in a fashion of
the veil of reality.

As a hymn to the time doctors.
Its no question you find them,
but if they find you.

As a time doctor of long ago
the education as a myht to new
formed cadets.

As a time doctor of long ago
the mission about the history,
future and the moment of now.

As a time doctor of long ago,
the missions as a long silver line
giving its trust to heal the line
of time.

A time doctor as a person
an actor each mission the
clothes to wear.

A time doctor, speaks a
thousand languages,
for even two hundred years
are a big difference.

A time doctor, speaks a
thousan languages,
which purpose would be theirs.
if all times have their
own pursuit for happiness
and world peace.

A time doctor to choose
where to go, and why
to intervene in a situation.

As a good surgeon decides
where to cut and to heal,
the wound after has to restore
its original function.

A time doctor chooses
to prevent a mighty king
from having pain as a penalty.

A time doctor chooses
to prevent a high class lady
to be fouled by uncommon life.

A time doctor chooses
to give a small token of wisdom
the place of visible markmanship.

A time doctor chooses,
which team holds the key
to a future of grace.

A time doctor has the wisdom.

If travelling from history to future
from the one to the other, and back again.

The prerequisite is to be without
thinking, as only the line of time
exists. otherwise fear and false ordeal
creates a bakclash important.

Without thinking the here and now,
gave its power, and all times were
as strung on a small line, a small wire.
The pearls of all times. in different color
all in the range as being strung.

The time doctors, different techniques.
As one with a psychotropic medicine
creating a sphere of uncommon knowledge.

The other a computer bound to
a sphere of quantumparticles
granting to intervene a situation
not being known of.

The third a virtual world,
as the language derives its meaning
sending the result to the time
as needed.

Time doctors.
A travelling journey of thousand years
all in a split second to all times.
The vast universe as the key
to a vast creation of times.

As the time is a long line,
with consciousness flowing as a river
from past to future
each moment holding a drop of time.

As this floating time,
gives reason to travel.
As all new particles at that momemt
receive their restored time line
to be blessed again with experience.

As a myth told long ago.