Hymn of Golden Bird

As i saw Gold,
i was blinded,
as its of high value.

I thought, will i buy
food, art, books,
or to wear it around my neck.

I thought gold of high value,
the gold of a bird.

As the Gold, was growing,
and was the size of a chicken
i thought will it be
a golden chicken,
giving information
outside any meaning of

As the Gold was growing,
it had the size of an angel.
And i thought what angel will this be.

And yet it was growing,
and i recognized Garuda.
The bird of godheads power.

As Garuda was near me,
i asked him the grace of the gods.
For the reverence to
godheads gives the grace
of their mercy.

Garuda as the golden bird,
Vishnu as the Allmighty of
this universe.

Garuda, fighting the snake,
everlasting evil, having the
boundary of the light of
his Master.

I saw Gardua, the golden
vessel of Vishnu.

May Garuda protect what
is good, is just, is wise.

May Garuda heal whats
broken, and seeks.

May Garuda,
come to my avail.
come to my support.
come to my indigence.

As Garuda the Golden
Vessel of Vishnu.
As his wings carry him
to all places in universal light.

As his wings carry Him to my
homestead and protects the
mercy of wisdom.

For Garuda,
is existing and alive.
As the angel of Vishnu.