Hymn on the sentinel of the light worlds

As the high world is the upper layer of science
and the science in servitude to society.

Giving the abundance of all kinds
to the population on the worlds.

As the title High World is
to depict a layer above ours
and a measure above normal judgement
is always impossible.

The high world as using technology
is by the inventions of sciences.

As universities slowly invent
all processes, knowledge and
constructions to elevate our society
to a higher level.

As the high world consist
of intelligence as species
we know of star trek and star wars.
of babylon and stargate atlantis
and all other romantic
television stories

As long as intelligent beings
have a kind of free will and
self-interest they have their purpose
on their own level, and only trade
or communicate if they have a reason for it.

Either te trade for what they feel
as important, or the sciences to
converse about.

As above the high world
are the light worlds.
they have no interest
for they are in unity with
the Creator.

They have no interest because
they are at the top of all existence
and at that level, when all wishes
have been fullfilled you only
live for the obligation
to be a source of light for
all existence in the universe.

As the light worlds,
compared to our world
would be the heaven
attained by all those
having goodness, mercy or
other kinds,

The light worlds,
are by nature invisible
for there is no fixed spot
where it resides.

The light worlds,
mostly appoint to a religion
as to learn someone fishing
instead of having to regularly
give fish.

The light worlds,
are a vast region without
a spot to point to.
and its not whether one receives
their mercy,
but by their choice they
choose to give some gifts
of higher kind.

Sometimes they intervene
by religion, tradition
and mostly when people
need guidance in their lives
not to get lost or broken
they grant a small token
enough to give a life of blessing