Hymn of the Supreme

For christians call Christ the Supreme,
For Vaisnavis call Vishnu the Supreme,
For Krisha, Shiva, Brahma is called the Supreme.

For all Religious adepts, all devoted ones,
call their God the Supreme One.

For in the Hierarchy of Gods,
Brahman without qualities is the Supreme,

His qualities are the Supreme,
For the Allmighty One, The Highest Lord,
The All-Pervading One.

All Gods connected and bound to Him
are the Supreme.

The Supreme Godhead,
Creator of all living beings.

The Supreme Godhead,
The sustainer of the universe.

The Supreme Godhead,
Christ as the person for those
needing mercy and forgiveness.

The Supreme One,
For all conscious beings,
endowed with a name or function.
endowed with a role or a symbol.

For the Supreme One,
as having an eternal talk
with all his adepts.

For the Supreme One,
as in prayer adressed,
from moment to moment
by all the persons in prayer.

For all get near by
good deeds, prayer and virtues.

For all get near by
an appointed life task.

For all get near by,
investigating His message.

For Both Brahman and the
title All-Creator
are as concepts ever growing
with the level of intelligence.

For something without a name,
is not bound by cause and effect.

For somethig without a form,
everlasting creativity.

For the All-Creator,
the highest known indicator,
as His form is without our

For the All-Creator,
as source of consciousness,
is the mother of all
life, and sentience.

For the All-Creator,
above time, above reality.
as source of both.