A citizen of Heaven

Both Britannica, Mythilene, Orion and Mehrovinger
Satya Alliance, Jana Alliance, The star of Brahman
T3ssa L8kina, dynasty of Cleopatra and China dragon empire

Three examples of kingdoms from
a bit farther than home.

The first one is Brittannica,
and shares the language and
the tradition of the Great Brittain.

As Brittancia has twelve planets
and alliances with fifty.

As the second kingdom is Mythilene,
which shares the myths with old greek.
As the Heroes still in space are famous.
For rescue of those in danger.

Mythilene has three planets,
and some alliances.

As these two pictures
are there advertisement.

If in violation of copyright
at parts of them, please notify.

For Mythilene is of Zeus and Hera.
And England is of Metatron and
the Lion of the Lord most High.

As a third in a row is about
the Alliance of Orion,
as the specie in this row
with most planets and highest

Orion who travelled to the stars
as a hero and was one of the first
with paths through the vast length of

As Orion a third kingdom in space.
As theire source is Orion the hero.
And they have the use of magic,
in their medieval sources.
As Magic in ability reaches
the technology of the wise.

As Mehrovinger the fourth nation
in the row with a nice piece of art.
Being an Artmaster.
As they in silence see all
under the eye of the Lord most High.
And respects all life, in accordance
with their religions.
For everyone strives for peace of meaning.
May the grace of the Lord be given.

As well the heavens of Vrindavana and Vaikuntha,
being reached by hindu's who surrender to Krsna and Vishnu.

Citizen of England

Citizen of Mythilene

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The Star of Brahman

Kingdom of T3ssa L8kini

Theocracy of Cleopatra

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