The Kingdom of Denmark

As Denmark is on earth a small country,
but being respected as the source
of wealth in part of the world.

As sometimes things on earth
are in heaven alike.
And humans everywhere share
language and culture.

In space denmark has seven planets
and alliance with six nations.

These seven planets are like the
combined effort of scandinavia.

As there alliance with both
england and mythilene is present
they as well have their symbol by
which they are recognized.

As denmark speaks their language,
in space hold the same source of
speaking and writing.

As Denmark is with their glory
of the ancient gods,
the Asantru, with their highest God
being without name through all other gods.

Denmark, with the technology, which
even heals the injured, the defamed
and the lonely.

As Denmark holds a kingdom in space,
they when becoming mature knew as well
that wisdom is the source of all wealth.
As wisdom is the source of all peace.

May Denmark hold the bond with their country
and support everything with the intention
for wisdom. both in happiness as technology.