Alliance of Satya

As sometimes a distinguished mark
can be the essence of an alliance.

As an alliance shares both defense
offense, technology and culture.

And in an alliance, languages are
being common ground in sciences.

The alliance of Satya,
is with seven hundred planets and
fifty stars an alliance being

As Satya and its alliance
have as there directional
guidelines the virtue of

This means when a planet,
kingdom or nation applies
for being member

they pledge the oath to
follow goodness in all intentions
all goals, all means
and as the judgement in essence.

Satya alliance.
seven hundred planets,
and fifty stars.

As is told,
if an alliance
has more than five stars
or a hundred planets
they have the road to eternity.
And are named a stable alliance.

Satya Alliance.
As a support for all
living all being in the quest
for religion