Theocracy of Cleopatra

The region on the Nile,
is in the past known for their
good and superb collaboration.
As the pyramids has been built.

This region was governed by a
dynasty of pharao's

As in space the dynasty is
compared to the one on earth,
except not reigned by man
but by woman.

As the dynasty holds the line
by Cleopatra. the most beautifull

The dynasty is hold by the line,
the bloodline of Cleopatra.
As she reigns into eternity.

As sometimes is said,
a beautifull queen,
gives all residents
even to sacrifice for her goal.

As she lives eternal,
as is said about the dynasty.
some wonder if she is cloned
every fifty years,
or she owns a potion to become
young again, or is with
godly mercy endowd.

As Cleopatra reigns
her dynasty.

She holds the kingdom,
of twelve planets,
and the alliance with seven
other nations.