Star Brahman

The star as the source of all light.
As the sun shines on earth,
and gives and provides the living
with food, warmth, water and meaning.

As the star provides light on all
the planets in range.

As the star is like an infinite source
of all other stars.

In Satya and Jana alliances give
form to all members. being nations
kingdoms, planets, individuals.

In the Star Brahman,
no alliance is formed,
no rituals are being static.

As Brahman, is the star
being the source of all
alliances, all kingdoms,
all nations.

May Brahman the star
give its form to all that needs form,
even without having form itself.

May Brahman the star,
five its name to all that wishes its name,
even without itself having a name.

As Brahman is the highest rank,
in the universe. its called
the degree of reality.

May the Star Brahman,
provide life and awareness.
shine on our lifelight,
and give breath to our breath.

May it give light in our eyes,
May it give sound in our ears,
May it give taste to our tongue,
May it give wisdom to our intelligence,
May it give life to our souls.

For this eternal light,
the star of invisible light,
the star of invisible energy.

Sometimes energy can be in the form
of wisdom, as the use is not visible
by source.

sometimes light is not visible
as the frequencies used by normal

This star of Brahman,
he teaches those he love.
he teaches those who he chooses.

For his gratification is
on those, without visible

The Star of Brahman,
reached by those.
searched by the many.

For the Star of Brahman,
gives light to the many stars.

For the Brahman,
gives existence to all the Gods.

For Brahman,
the tree with every dimensions
and reality as a leaf on its stem.

For Brahman,
grants his mercy to the ones
he chooses.

May the star of Brahman shine
to all worlds and spheres,
dimensions, creations andv
the living daylight as its

May the star of Brahman,
be the instrument of his Light
granting wisdom to the many creatures

May the star of Brahman,
by the effort of the devoteee
be reached by sincere prayer,
selfless service and the conduct
of virtues.

May the star of Brahman,
be the guide of the holy,
the meditation of the wise,
the goal of the good.

The star of Brahman,
when its the sole purpose
its reached by the continual

The goal to reach for,
as the scriptures foretell.
This goal to find
and to be found.

The star of Brahman
as the Brahmana fullfills.