As on earth as in heaven,
everything is alike.

On earth humans are the specie
in control of all and everything.

As every human needs to be a
benefit to society.

solely by labor and work.
And by education appointed
a field of work.

For a part of the world,
education is a free choice,
other parts are with restrictions.
of both diseases, poverty and

As on earth humans have
colors from chinese to american
and from eskimo's to brazilian.

In space, a full and vast
kingdom exists, with humans
as the main habitants.

These humans look the same as us.
These humans cloth the same as us.
These humans are with work, labor,
leisure and traditions like us.

As these humans have alliances,
with more than fifty planets.
And with humans with population
of up to more than a billion.

As humans in space are as well
reigning in their areas,
and know the use of language,
of art and of culture.

As religions on earth are
like the one in space,
as they are all deviations
of the essence found in all
of them.

This kingdom in space is called
Brittannica and is filled
with many languages.

This brittannica,
as Militare Aeronautiqa is
the nasa of them in space.

As rules of conduct,
as well as a protocol
how to intervene, how to get contact.
As well as the respect.

As brittannica,
is a kingdom in space.

Brittannica with
a kingdom of twelve planets.
and alliances with fifty.

As for brittanica its source is
the lion of the Lord most High,
and the angel Metatron.

As its a kingdom in service
to the lord, and metatron
as the technology of mercy.