As in space as in earth,
the greek are a kingdom or country.

They speak greek,
and share a past of heroes.

The greek kingdom in space,
as being in alliance to
the england space command.

as the kingdom of
three planets, and alliances
with twelve.

For they are famous
for heroes to ensure peace,
both for themselves as others.

As on earth alliances share their
defenses, and share income
for mutual benefit.

For sometimes numbers count,
and in other times they are meaningless.

For happiness is through
culture and religion.

For the past of heroes,
are in the future reborn.

As the kingdom mythilene
as its source has
Hera the goddess of the greek mythology.
As she is the protector of what is good and just.
and under command of Zeus,
all technology is according to the
lightning of Zeus the supreme greek god.