Citizen of Orion

Orion as its the home of heroes.
Orion as the master who won the war
of the evil ones.

Orion has a kingdom of
twenty planets, and an alliance
with three other nations.

Orion as the prime force of
the united planets,
according to the membership count
of inhabitants.

As Orion has a human civilisation in
extent to their home creatures
which only use force fields to defend
their electromagnetic bodies.

As technology is described by
the words most simple, for reason
of giving picture to it.

Orion has the long arm of
the nation with harmony as its guide.

Orion uses their power, not to intervene
but to support.

Like the sun giving its warmth to all
creatures both mamal and coldblooded.

As a difference between species is
mostly by form and intelligence.

And as old people know,
the youth and the adults
have their path and are to
be respected. for everyone
deserves a chance for a living.

As old people with wisdom
await the questions, as all
choose when to accept a different view.

Orion as the kingdom in space.
They rule by support, as the radiance
of the Lord most High is important
for all life under star-view.

For Orion is the master of magic,
as the goal to ensure science
for all inhabitants.
and when it gets more abstract
reason fails to understand
and the art of magic is
the reason to understand.

From medieval magic,
to superior influences
by both speech as science.

As in the bible mozes
won the war of magicians.
by his magic under guidance
of the Lord most High.

Therefore magic under
reason of religion,
gives all prosperity,
health, wealth and wisdom

For Orion the Hero,
has its kingdom.