China Dragon Empire

As China the largest area on the map,
as in the beginning of the new time,
some say the flood with Noach.

A couple of cultures were preserved,
one was China, as they had the language
not based on speech but on image.

And they in their physical abilites were
in their intelligence not based on
frontrecognition, as people scan
their surrounding with their eyes
looking at each object.

As they don't scan but look at the background,
and interprete in a different way.

This one example of them being different.

As China on earth in a region with
a large area. in space they
are with many.

China in space, is seventy planets
and an alliance with thirty nations.

As China is large, they hold the key
to the fountain of eternal youth.
as on a small planet, in the highlands,
a small bottle each year is made.
this bottle is given to
very important allies.
and is considered more valuable as gold or diamond.

China the Dragon Empire,
as their sources in culture
lay in the ancient past with
dragons as the symbol.

Dragons as symbol of many good things.