The Mehrovinger Nation

As most kingdoms and nations
are ruled by a president or king.
A queen in the far past said.

May my country be of the people.
As they are subject to law.
v She also said,
May the president not by election
but by prayer be chosen.

The Mehrovinger nation.
Is ruled by a president.
And the queen is the
representative of prayer.

As the Mehrovingers,
have twenty one planets.
and alliances with six nations.

They hold the secret to
both the stone of wisdom
as the waters of life.
as the fountain of eternal youth is named.

As all knowledge has its benefit,
and is always leading to prosperity.

The choice when to grant
and when to forbid
is a question, regarded
as a decision of the highest rank.

For bad persons with eternal life
create havoc on great scale.
Therefore a choice is of matter
for not only years but eons.

As Mehrovinger,
sees all technology around them
and know that illusion and lies
cloud the hearts of all living.

As living with the heart needs
no entertainment. and only
needs calm rest to restore.

Therefore Mehrovinger is
visible in their quiet appearance.
As only the absence of noise
gives the needed rest and the
point of a star to travel through
the landscape of religion.

As the templeguard is a star
which shines with prayer.
silent prayer as no wish
is polluting intention