Jana Alliance

As the nation of Mehrovinger,
is an passive member of this alliance
they as well as other nations
share the goal of being led by

As in science when a cure is found
for the ultimate disease,
they call science wisdom.

As in science the eternal
source for energy is found
they call science wisdom.

The alliance of Jana,
is a thousand planets big,
and has a hundred stars.

When an alliance is
in that range of sizes,
they all share something
which is imperishable and immortal.

As the alliance of jana,
is based on the essence of wisdom.

And when nations or kingdoms
want to become a member
they not always need to be
in fysical contact,
neither to be in communication.

as the jana alliance also
provides the wisdom to grow,
ultimately grow into
a good relationship
worthy to get contact.

The jana alliance.
When wisdom is the guide,
war vanishes and peace occurs.

This jana alliance,
also in a very rare manner
can choose single individuals
to be a little member.
to guide the surrounding
by the wisdom being teached.

As the alliance of jana,
the symbol of the omkara.
or the celestial sound of creation,
is used as the mark to
be of sources.

As the sign can be in the home,
as a ring or bracelet.

The omkara sign, and seal
gives the Creator the sign
that he can use the adept
as an instrument.

For the celestial sound
is holy, and even when
not in speech but visual
does its sound to the
place in the universe where
its used.

May the sound om,
be of the source
of everlasting peace,
by wisdom, virtue and
the effort to reach out
for the ultimate goal.
As the unity with reality,
and the unity with the gods.

As the sound of the celestial
om sign, is for every planet
as a symbol of one of the religions.
for sometimes a creature has
no hands, he uses different instruments.

For earth, omkara is the seal.