The kingdom of T3ssa L8kini

The farther away, the longer the journey.
And as most know, the need and wish
for friendship during the travel,
is the most urging for returning to
home ground.

As on earth some lone persons
live by wandering in bare grounds.
With little food, no shelter,
and the use of local languages

As these persons, live by it,
are used to it, are not forced.

And sometimes create a documentary on
discovery channel.

These lone wanderers are compared
to those in space. who as lonely
persons, travel for centuries and
even longer. in the quest to just
be amazed by new civilisations.

As these wanderers come from the
kingdom of T3ssa L8kini.

This kingdom, provides them with
the ship, food and energy
As in the past in the golden century
the quest for sailing the oceans
was alike.

This T3ssa L8kini,
is a kingdom, which hold
no contact with their wanderers,
as withing a travel of five years,
the longest method of communication
is broken.