Atlantis Collective

As the collective of Atlantis is been a nation in the far past,
As it had technology we would admire this day.

As Atlantis was a collective,
as it had its arms and legs in far space.

It had an angel which gave all blessed technology.
As it was a nation with technology not based on
electronics, or radiology. but a different source.

The collective of Atlantis,
still today the question if the ruins still
buried under a large mountain and its sphere.

As we say greenland in the hemisphere is
holding a ruin of high imporatance,
we believe that the nation of Atlantis
still has its trace being discovered
will show in full their origins.

As one voice tells the angel bringing
the Atlantis nation in demise,
saind if anyone find it, and restore it
it will face again their demise.

As this angel, who gave them all
the technology took it off
when the nation said we are proud
what we have done, and did it ourselves.

This angel said, by not having honor
for the angel giving it, we take it off.

Atlantis as the collective,
would have contacts in the universe.
of which is unknown if and where they
would exist.