As a president told me,
a sign of peace as a sign of their world.
A symbol of three circles with three colors.

As its round, its recognized from any angle.
And as it has three primal colors its even
in other frequencies seen.

As a red blue en white circle.
in an order, from outside to inside.

As this is the sign of the Militare Auronautiqa.
As humans are spread across the universe.
and are everywhere looking like the humans
on earth.

As these humans differ from us,
to have calmed their emotions,
and to behave in order with society.
by which criminality is not present anymore.

As militare Auronautiqa,
as a human race, similar to us,
are as the crown jewel of a civilisation.

As they are regarded high in the universe,
they have like earth a lot of alliances.
and share both technology and friendship

As these are coupled to the sign
of the three circles, they have
as their proverb that in all regions
of the universe they recognize their
symbol, which in reality means,
everywhere where they have bonds or are
like a startrek vessel nearby.