The first to know about wisdom is the secret
by which all attain their goal.

By having a goal, and keeping at
this goal, without diverting to other subjects.

As it is with a bottle getting
water by drip and drip.
The longer the bottle receives water
the more its value is.

If you have a goal for four years,
gives a profit or fruit,

If you have a goal for fourty years,
you excellerate in it.
as by the length of being devoted to it,
gives profit and fruit.

So with all fields of wisdom,
attain the goal by keeping it alife.

A famous musician,
gets famous by keeping investing in it.

The second secret is:
That the choice which wisdom to seek or follow
is the choice being depending what you receive.

This second is,
if yuo choose to have a modal job,
a simple person with a job, being predictive
and without the wish to be at best.

you get that job,
but if you go on adventure for the
highest possible, and setting all aside.
It is more reasonable that you reach it.

The third secret is,
science and knowledge al have a purpose,
all are valued by the practicants,
but the science about science,
the knowledge about knowledge.
is an important side to get in view

Like discovering powersources,
and use it for bad intents,
versus using it to empower the world
with free energy.

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