Wisdom of Agency X - a small report

if something comes into daylight,
Daylight is where everyone acts, lives and
makes life to a living. Sometimes when
things are kept secret, they are not
brought in daylight, as in the light
of the sun, evil burns away.

As daylight is the shared reality,
and every being, part good, part bad
makes life, and is subject to the treatment
of others. when something is told,
others can judge and problems can be solved.

To fortify thyself
by the power of riches

Sometimes by bad luck a very rich person
gets in another region,
either rich in money, intelligence,
or by higher caste.
In a simple society, money convinces
the status of someone,
so survival is sometimes
a question to get very rich,
as you are safe in that way.

after slavery comes freedom,
after freedom comes service.

In medieval times, slavery was normal
as no machines or computers were exisiting.
a slave could do the laundry, make food,
and clean up. and people with wellfare
could use slavery to have a decent living.

After slavery comes freedom,
as the right to choose between right and wrong
and to make your own life to a worthy time.

When in the full freedom, every restriciton
is a boundary to growing and learning
as education is a restriction of freedom,
as children in their freedom want to play.

Service, is higher than freedom,
as its a restriction to what one does.
but as for example a prime minister
it is a service to society to do his job,
he is not free to do anything he likes in the job,
for he represents the country.

As service is higher than freedom
the angels in heaven have reached service,
as even saints on earth have a kind of freedom.

close to the light is peace,
far away from the light is war.

There are different kinds of light,
one is the light in the night
preventing predators from coming near.

second is the light of wisdom,
giving every soul the way to a safe passage
on earth, or in reality.
As wisdom shows which paths are safe,
and without thorns.

the third light is of religion,
when people are in deep prayer
they are above their own life,
and fullfill a task not normal with
their character and intelligence.

The gods resemble the society.
The society resembles the contact of gods.

As a society if depending not one human,
or just the decisions of one person,
either a king, president or lawgiver.
As a society is mostly bound by
the use of one Godhead.
This godhead has characteristics
which he implements in his work
his society. even when freedom of religion
is a normal rule.

The other way around, when a society is
in religious service, all combined prayers
count as the influence of the godhead.
for example prayers for equality,
for medical care, for policeprotection.

As an example a scientist prays for
a decent power source without backlashes,
it is a supply being implemented in the
whole of society, thus resembles
the use of prayer to form the society
in a level of prosperity.

the heart gets touched by religion.
One child is living its life in
attending to education, and only does
the duty besides the main wish to
play games, either computer or reallife.
As a child is in education, its forced
to a path untill adulthood.

When the child, comes in contact with
a scripture, writing or a heartfull teacher,
the heart of the child gets touched.
By a certain prayer, expressing devotion
of a famous saint.
Or by the intelligent discourse on a
very difficult subject.

When the heart gets touched,
a life in religious service is started.
As the child grows by the act of following
a religion.

The heart gets touched by religion,
for every soul there is a specific subject
a specific element of a past angel, saint
or writing of a godhead to wake up the life
to a living full of devotion.

When thinking, wishes gets fulfilled
A proverb with opposite meaning.
When thinking, the wishes loose their power.
thinking gives the pleasure of experiencing,
illusional things, and loose their power in reality.

When not expressing wishes in thinking,
its becomes an engine of energy to reach out
for the perfect life. As without thinking
every wish, gets changed to an ultimate goal.

Like the musician, not thinking on fame,
becomes famous.

As the philosopher, not thinking on wisdom,
learns the essence and is able to explain all.

As the king, not thinking of winning wars,
becomes the alliance of all kingdoms,
near and far.

By thinking of wishes, by the thought
removes the power to search for it
in real life.

without a mate, life fullfils.
When in unity with a lifepartner,
or a befriended one.
The intentions of your daily life are
being shared with the mate.
As it gvies unity, the unity,
shares all good and bad sides of the soul
with the other.

As when someone has no mate,
no intimicy, or sexuality,
the soul strives for unity,
and trancends from the physical plane
to the spiritual plane.

As sublimation of the intentions,
goes from materials, like comfort, riches,
or the intelligence, from technologyy, poetry.
and from the intelligence to the spiritual
seeking unity with gods and religions.

As unity is searched for, its a quest
which is written in scripturs and holy books,
but is for every practitioner a new experience.

Its a quest which can not be falsified,
and the act of without a mate, and celibacy
the sublimation reach out for the highest goal.
the unity with the supreme godhead, or the supreme power.

living without a mate, gives the friendship with the gods.
as a platonic relationship.

The gods as lifepartner, blesses.
As all who have arelationship knows,
at first you share compliments, say nice things,
share beautifull experiences, and talk about
the flowers of life.
As a lifepartner, you ask the other, to support
or to explain things unknown.
As a relationship grows, you get the wish for
caring for children, and giving life to the future.

As the gods can be lifepartner, you exchange
little presents by praying, and by offering
loving service, you give attention,
and even with silent prayer, pure attention to the godhead.
As a godhead being lifepartner, its like
a real relationship, but with a side
of invisible support from prayer to existence.
As the fruits of a relationship with a godhead
is by the work of magnificence.
a book full of wisdom, a cathedral or pyramid.
a garden of babylon, or a saint with a friendshiptalk
suddenly appearing, like narada

Two eyes, Two hands.
The resemblance, is a human body,
we have two eyes and two hands,
but this equation is for a presidency of
a large nation.
As in danger one president might decide the
wrong way, a nation should have two presidents
with equal rights.

This ensures that when one of them
is falsely influenced, the other is
still vivid in his intelligence.

And when a nation start a conflict
even in the heat of a fire,
one of the presidents has the
opportunity to think it over,
before action is taken.

Two presidents, both an eye
both a hand.

As well they are elected by the people
as one of them is with false intentions,
or evil even in the governing of the nation,
the other can restrict the amount of evil done.
because even election can give unpredictive outcome.

if brahman is.
Everyone knows the event that something
looks like not being real.
and the expereince of the doubt to ask
what reality is. for example a bad dream at night
and when you try to wake up, you get in another dream.

Sometimes when people describe, our world
on a planet, and above it the galaxy,
into a uncountable reality
with layers. even if this dimension has thousands
above and trancending it.

The question what is reality, if it would be a dimension,
as thousand dimensions above it with worlds, and like
games even this dimensions would just be computer.

Such insecurity or doubt can get big if you
look at the meta-view. then its the proverb
if brahman is. which means, accept the direct reality
as named also by other reality as the defined reality.

For when you keep comparing and combining
even each layer of reality has another one
superceding or trancending it.

Even when you think of very small bacteria,
if they would be alife, they would not know about
sizes of humans, and we do not know of sizes
of angels or gods. so accepting your own reality
is the higehst method of keeping reality.
If brahman is, means even if there is a reality
at the top, you would never know if you are exisiting there
and by that question, the acception is giving
place in the hierarcy. as the hierarchy is from atoms,
to humans, to planets, to galaxies, to dimensions,
to godheads. and counting upwards.

The pearl is in the deepest ocean.
All people striving for a certain goal,
knows that by the length of the search
the results grow.
like the president in his youth being
political engaged, and becoming more and
more political expert in life
and at a certain time is elected.

Or the musician living with music,
and by the effort gets to be famous.

As the scientist working with
electricity even invents a free power source
yet to be discovered in his writings.

The pearl, everyone know is a jewel
being admired by the many.
and by continuous effort its found.

the other side, a pearl is made
by the effort of the shellfish
to overcome its pain, and by living
and the time passing by it becomes a pearl.
this is the meaning of accepting reality as it is.

Accepting life as it comes, makes the pearl
in your life, as the fruits of your continuous work
and the continuous devotion.

The heart seeks happiness.
The most simple rule is, that happiness fullfills
the wishes, the thirst and the hunger.
The happiness is both health, wealth, wisdom,
and the contentment in ambition.
When wished turn to happiness, one
gets to accept the flow of life.
When the thirst is fullfilled, one accepts
that life is not centered around yourself.

When the hunger is fullfilled, one
seeks unity with gods, as life has higher meaning.
Happiness, every living being
has a different definition of it.
and by that definition is being bound by
the search for it, and the level of how
its expressed in life.

For example the soldier, sees happiness
as the service for his country.

And the philosopher feels happy,
when writing about special insights
in life, as the essence of wisdom.

Happiness, some when getting sick
and their bodies feel full of pain,
happiness changes its definition to
the level of feeling healthy.

Happiness. everyone longs for it,
and eveyrone strives for it,
untill its found in unity
with life, with a godhead,
and with a role or lifetask.

a goal, reached by effort.
As all people know
who keeps a goal for years,
by the time investing in it,
you reach from layer to layer of
the first year you get a glance onv what is possible and some basic concepts,
by havign five years of effort,
you are recognized as a good and studied person,
when ten years in the same effort for the goal
you are beginning famous and people
regarding the goal high start asking you questions.
Being the goal either science, art, music, or religion.

a goal is reached by effort,
which also means that sometimes
by criticism you want to leave the path,
or when financial allowance is not sure.

A goal is reached by the effort,
one chooses a goal by conscious decision,

and whenever you want you can remake the decision.
For example studying science fiction, and being
an expert in artificial programming and robotics,
as the wish to turn a robot and computer into a
meaningfull friend.

and changing the subject from science fiction
or computersciences to the art of humanity.

As the art of humanity is the act of
religion, and keeping the goal bound
to a godhead. as its the source of
all other sciences.

When conscious decision is used,
and keeping the goal as the main one,
one transgresses to an expert,
who always are regarded with high esteem
for it costs a person years to become
an inner adept of all sciences.

Religion gives meaning
We all know times when life is feeling useless.
As life and study and a job does not feel
anymore as a challenge.

When life, a partner and children,
our wish for it starts to give cracks,
and we are bound to it, because its
our responsabilty.

Then our own meaning in life as fullfilled
in a relationship and children, a good carreer,
and our spare time in a soccer club.

Then we look for a new meaning in life,
and as most gods promise, a life has
value for society, in a manner
which is above our own insights.

A godhead gives by the act of prayer, and the
act of mercy or grace its meaning in our lifes.

The act of prayer, is telling our wishes,
our problems, our complaints to a godhead.

And the act of mercy or grace, is the
godhead having the leadingrole,
and grants things not on our question
but out of his initiative.

When life is filled with a religion,
life gets a higher meaning.
as all people who are in te high layer of
society know. a higher meaning
transcends society to a role being new.

When life fails, seeking starts
Most people when in education start dreaming
about what job they get, what lifepartner,
what they would teach their children.

As harship enters life, and education fails,
a partner gets sick, children are born with deficit.
When life fails. you get dissatisfied with life
and you start seeking.

Most people when start seeking,
investigates all kinds of known support.
some read books of famous people,
experts in living, from diet, to sport,
from spirituality to religion.
One seeks till a source of peace of health is found.

This proverb says, that the search for happiness,
is a quest most people begin when they see
their dreams do not come true, or when they
see their dreams in a new light, that
its not the goal they long for

A religion asks for an instrument
The secret of religion,
is publicly known as the act of prayer,
where godhead and adept come close to each other.
As the heating warming up a person coming
from the cold outside.

The prayers who gives their light
to the adept by the influence of the godhead.
Some say, its a really smart wise man,
others say, intelligence cannot be,
its the work of a godhead.

As most saints of the past were showing
virtues, and wisdom which cannot be reached without support
and all the saints came closer to the Godhead by
giving prayer to each wish.

As all the prayers are like
spending copper on a subject,
and receiving gold in return.

As heaven where all the saints live,
and the angels keep working
and the religious persons get
their entrance.

As even some say about christ,
he was a wise man, and not
surely with the sourceo of a godhead.
As he gave light to the world.
as we live by his light in a world
with law, with care, with philantrophy.

As religion asks for an instrument,
is an invitation for all to be
available to be one.
As some know all the angels are born that way.
and by the experience one grows to
trust the source of religion,
and serve with faith.

As every religion may seek instruments
not by other persons, but by the personal
service to a godhead.

As all instruments have a different task,
one is like Ghandi, another like
a scientist with many inventions,
a third one singing of beauty.
And a fourth one, just writing
about the complexity or reality.

Without introduction, took birth
As all people get born,
and the source of where spirits come is unknown
to visible life.

As a couple of explanations.

a normal human, may choose before living
where to get born, maybe changing some
things, like parents having a decent job,
parents having a specific religion,
or parent interested in music, art or speciality.

Most people longing to get born before life,
choose some things, and then by identifying with it
is growing the wish to choose that parents.

And by guiding certain prerequisites,
the wish to be born there grows,
until a baby is born and the soul
will have to live.

This is the birth with an introduction.

As some spirits see,
taking birth without introducting your wishes
is like jumping in cold water.
As all spirits know, without the wish
to get born, there will be no birth.

And by accepting time, reality as it is,
without changing the situation,
gives a life, more to the unknown ways
of god.

As a life without introduction,
has less influence of the spirit,
which does not mean to take a bad birth,
or to choose a side of deficit.
The more as a spirit you influence
before taking birth
the more influence come from
other sides during life.

As one says, a give a coin to you,
and i receive a bread from you.

As paying with good or bad coins,
give their fruits.

As dreaming of pleasures, waking up by prayer
As even young children know,
when immersed in a day dream,
even of a life long.

One can loose more and more
the ability to end it on purpose
then knowing you van pray for it
to wake up can be a usefull solution.

As the prayer to be more and more
in awareness of the reality,
and less in fantasies or daydreams.
and even functional thinking to
be diminished, as the heart can
do everything as good as other kinds
of specific intelligence.

By sincere effort, one reaches the abode.
As religion has the paradise in its
midst of the known world.
As some say without worries you live in paradise.

Others say when you cannot do anything bad anymore
you are in paradise.

As some say, having meaning in your life
seeing your own life as important is paradise.

As a meaning if life provides is paradise.

The abode of religion,
is both being happy with who you are,
as well knowing your life matters,
and having friends and harmonious family
as well the faith that your life
is on the good side.

The abode has in all religions
a name as its depicted by the godheads.

As all religions tell,
by being in service to them,
and by investigating with prayer,
you reach by time and time the abode.

Surrender to reality,
as the path to service

As in some times religion,
is behind the fog of darkness.
and even reality seems like a hell.

As its told in some holy books,
surrender to the reality,
can bring back all wisdom to life.
As reality is filled with all kinds
of life, both visible and invisible.

As indians believed the spirits of
their ancestors around them,
in the symbols of the animals.

As the chinese believe the ancestors
and dragons still are guiding them.

As even some believe the sun spirits
to be among us and being the guidance.

Surrendering to reality is more than,
just a singel action.
for reality leads to its goal

As reality is the matter of being real
as its the essence of where life
is acting its wishes, or its tasks
for higher order, as religion gives.

only gods are above law.
As in some countries when autocrats rule
they say to be above law,
and randomly give penalty or favors.
or just to take away the sound of their
enemies and oppositors.

As autocrats say, i make the law,
and therefore you serve or are subservient to me.

Then the proverb only gods are above law,
gives the boundary by which all as we know
humans are bound by it.

As law should be for all inhabitants,
for even kings or presidents have
their sides of unpredicitve behaviour.
and for them as well its a safety
that when they loose their mind,
the country does not loose its stable basis.

May the first prayer be in the morning
As some learn in youth, beginning with prayer
when being in the youth build the
trust on the godhead best.
And in every day, in the morning the first
prayer keeps the whole day in the essence
of what is done first.

each day a chance for holy service
As some say, i am already adult
and not all things go smooth
is it still aloowed to get religious.

Or they say i sinned what use is it.
Others say, even when already in the evening
does it has meaning to be in service.

As religion, is from birth to death,
on any time allowed, for even
a godhead has meaning for everyone,
whenever in life, whereever you are.

As proverbs tell better to turn
than to keep doing bad.
As you are religious and forget
the practice for longer or shorter,
when you decide to return to it,
its still of use.

And the day both as the day of life,
and the day in time.

as its a chance, its always a chance
to take a new path, a new journey in life
and every day a chance to renew your

We all build a house during life,
as some build a temple or church.

As we see a human life as the
result of it, at the end of life.

You can compare it with a bulding,
some have done not much for society
others were authors of worldwonders,
and still others did their obliged part
or their plight during life.

To compare with a building,
some built a palace,
to be a wonder for all,
others made a little place,
with the things they liked most.

As all buildings, as every intention
turns toward use for society and
to a building that matters,

As we compare to the world,
there are may buildings,
and most have a function.

if not they either are to old,
or not in a preferred place,
or were not so sophisticated as should be.

The comparison with a temple or
church, is the difference between
religion and worldly life.

People of religious goals,
build a church in life
when christian,
and when devoted to other godheads
build a temple.

As it can be a safe spot
for all ones, when predators come close.
or when darkness comes,
the sweet light of an oillamp can
give comfort.

A source of light is recognized and appraised
As some religious persons can say,
no one recognizes my work.

The saints in the past,
the saints in the future,
and sometimes angels,
all can have doubt,
will my work be visible.
Or what will come when a war strikes
and all will be lost.

The proverb is that light
just like a candle in the dark is
being seen, and the longer in shines
the more creatures use it as reference point.

And as saints sometimes far after life
gets in the picture as one searchesv or dives for the meaning of a complex proverb
and discovers a writing which was already lost.

As well the life-ordeal after life,
can give the purpose of keeping
working for the ideal, as it gives
the reward after life, of heaven or a
saintly existence, working for the good
of society and religions.

Consisting of part and whole
As humans we have a body as being a whole
a whole of all organs all parts, all limbs
all cells and all kinds of naming components.

As a human we are a whole, consisting
of all parts, but we are being a part to.

A part of life on earth,
a part of a society,
a part of a company at work,
a part of family with wife and children,

Part of a religion,
serving a higher goal.

We are a whole and are responsible
for the whole we are.

And we are part,
and responsible for our
work as a part for the whole we live in.

As being part and whole is always
an explanation when we ask ourselves
who or what we are, as religion,
or another greather being we are part of
can give us the feeling of having use in life

living serious, gives honest reward
Sometimes the question which source to trust,
or which goal is truly good.
Or when you keep to your own insight.
Living serious, as taking all in life serious
is already a task, a task giving reward.

Living serious, taking education serious
and doing your job good, makes the reward grow.
as every position in life, in reality when
attending good, gives the right of reward.

The other, lived your life good,
always did your work decent, and
always made a serious task good,
gives after life a honest reward.

Attention to the gods, gives needed alms
Some say the highest act is the only act,
others say a perfect sacrifice in prayer is the only one.

But religion is like a path,
by walking the path, sometimes
you get a break to nourish yourelf,
other times a difficult journey.
Attention has many forms.
from a task, to prayer, to silent attention.
All attention to the gods give needed alms.

As being alms not just simple bread,
but a word with esteemed value.
For what a godhead gives, in relation
to his own power, is only an alm
in our daily life.

and the word alms, is more than
just money ,bread, or wishfullfillment.

prolonged intent gives its result
Normal an intention is lost when having a thought on it,
as the thought is already a fullfillment
as fread said about the thought on primal feelings.
thinking on eating, already satisfied.
which is not only at primal feelings but all layers
of certain feelings.

As keeping intent aliveis like a fountain,
the more it springs, the more the water source
has water for all kinds of creatures to drink.

The longer you keep an intent alife,
like gold under the surface, its value

I accept and respect Law
As a citizen of a country you ought to understand laws
and to keep them unbroken, as a crime breaks the law.

As some high judges say that law has two components.
One the visible with police, justice, and the penalty.

The other invisible as the institution of law,
making a order inside a country, and ensuring
safety to it. As its a structure made of all
parts in it.

As laws is by its ground in the past on religious
sources, and the laws are as an institution,
to bind all inhabitants.

The invisible part of law consists of the consent
of all its members in it.

Which with a affirmation or wish can give its
invisible protection.

As to say i accept and respect law.

To say this gives as an intention
the protection and mercy of the law.

As some high judges say,
form confirming this by saying it
gives the law the permission
to bring the one either to safety
or to get law with a just ordeal.

I accept and respect Authority and reigning King and Queen.
As with accepting law and respecting it.
The same affirmation as well with accepting authority
As the responsibilty lays in the hands of those
who are able to hold it.

As a person, even when independent cannot
oversee all problems, or cope with all things
emerging from the reality.

As they say the king holds the highest
responsability, as he hold diplomatic
bonds, and controls government and
guides politics.

To say i accept authority and the king,
gives the powers above your own intelligence
by responsability to the highest level
possible. to ensure the safety.

To say is to confirm in daylight,
as its respected.

I accept the Lord as my shepherd and saviour.
As the religious part of it,
is to affirm that the lord is your shepherd,
which gives in christian sense the lord
the permission to show his mercy to you.

As its meaning is found in diverse books,
on both chrisitanity and myths.

May i be led to devotion.
And regard the Godhead as my teacher

As its an affirmation of religion
as you indirectly speak about a godhead,
a godhead fit for you can answer.

As sometimes a certain godhead is not
the main interest, and by expressing it
thus, gives all the godheads the decision
whom to answer.

To ben led to devotion,
can have many forms and can
in all times be different.

As to have a godhead as teacher
surpasses all other education.
As even adult need education of a godhead
to either succeed in their plight,
or to get a higher meaning in life.

For machine wins the war of humans,
and humans reigns with goodness as its guide.

As the horrible idea
that a computer gets smarter than
its human programmer,
which is not unrealistic
as we learn to program
with not only symbols but with
possible outcome structures.

Which are the base material of
life tissue chips.
something which is used
for the imitative intelligence
and the use of virtual worlds
to either teach, set right or entertain.
Like we watch television,
but than mere like a daydream.

But machines can be used by humans
to counteract war when in contact with
enemmies, and the difference in
servant-master, by which humans
can prevail only by having the virtue
of goodness as its guide.

For short giving programmers the main
purpose to use goodness as guide in programming.
ensuring the machines to not crossing boundaries.

The ancestors, rule the children.

Some cultures on earth still believe in the role
of ancestors as living guidance from the invisible plane.

As in christian faith the saints use a hand
not seen by others to give their adepts
a change in action to either serve the religious goal
or to prevent suffering.

As in hinduism, the powers of the gods,
are used by the invisible hand,
to make devotion gets its reward.

As ancestors,
forefathers of old age deceased,
are as the helping hand nearby
their offspring, to protect form misery,
to guide their lifetask,
and find their purpose.

The ancestors,
are caring for their offspring.
And sometimes adored like saints or gods.

As the example of the
sphere of invisible hands, with
the peace of a feeling calmness,

or in heaven asking the lord
of heaven to send a dream,
or to prevent a disaster.

Each gold starts with Gaudi
This is an explanation,
that a good life, starts with the design
of a unseen future. not by following
the main rules, but by being a precursor,
and use all powers combined
to create a future instead of
choosing the safe side of the known paths.

Gaudi was a designer, and still believed
one of the greatest architects.
As gaude compared to a godhead,
designs a very unique set of buildings and art.

And the comparison with gold is,
that only the very exceeding
ones will be named as gold

A mate, shares good and evil
Sometimes when one finds by fate and faith a mate
in life, one says at the vow, we share both good and
bad times, and we share and are bound by the vow of marriage

As love can be strong,
and one believes that even evil is surpassed by
the feeling of love, by which if one
fails in life and leaves the path
the other keeps caring.

which you see in how parents treats their
offspring too.

A mate shares good and evil,
because they care for each other.
As its sometimes peculiar that a
bond can be that strong.

that even rational assertion fails
describing it.

As even having a mate shares a kind
of character or methods of coping.
As one have the habit of doing it thus
and the other by close contact
gets the same kind of habits.
Thus even without knowing
sharing habits in good and evil.

A god as mate, gives goodness as gift
A godhead is with intelligence
like we an atom, and He or She a planet.
As a godhead is regarded as lifepartner,
She decides what is best,
and with the difference on humans,
is males and females have their attitudes
and the feelings which moves form one side to another
and even when thinking now its stable and i can
rely on the other it suddenly can change.

The godhead as mate, by the act of prayer,
is a stable one, which provides.

As angels in heaven live of the name of the
godhead, and their lives are filled
with the wonder of the grace of prayer.

As angels live in love for the godhead,
as a platonical love, a friendship
between souls, regarding the body
as a respected instrument for doing
the works needed on earth, in the world.

A God as mate, an give presents,
feedback on behaviour,
confirmation of the soul,
and the peace of living

Being one in reality, already is work
Sometimes somenone say,
if they live in poor regions,
don't do anything for society
except living in debt to all.
One can say they are in reality thus
they are working.

As one can say, education fails
to give someone a place in the workforce.
and a life is spoiled.
But the one is in reality and thus in
labor while living.

Another explanation,
if one does not reach a goal for society
but is by meditation one with reality
can be counted to have fullfilled
the goal of life.
Because by meditation in life,
and not getting chances to
have a lifetask fully fullfilled
one can say, by the continuous meditation
life goal has been reached.

As on earth and heaven alike
One during life can work for religion,
leanr specific things for devotion,
in prayer in work, and in learning
about the godhead itself.

When finished living,
you hold the character,
the experience in life
and the preference for the godhead.

When finished living,
what would one say when
in heaven meeting one
who was a former enemy.

Or when reaching heaven,
and ridiculed a saint,
what will the saint say to you.

So during life,
if longing for heaven,
don't hate any,
don't be disrespectfull to any,
and always be sincere to the gods and godesses.

Married to the All-Creator, i made many friends
As a vow of marriage is on earth,
in a city hall, and is between male and female
and the families.

As love is the source of marriage,
and mostly the love between two
bounds two families together.

As the marriage between people is
visible and with a date.

The love for a godhead
resulting in an engagement,
is like the godhead caring for the adept
and the adept showing love
by being an instrument for the godhead.

As the godhead is the stronger part
of this relationship, She is responsible
for being the source of all good things.

As married with the All-Creator,
gives the plight as every couple
to get decent and be chaste inside
the relationship.

As the All-Creator is desired
by those who know who she or he is,
and which favors she grants,
they long for giving all that takes
to get such a relationship.
As thus, one gets many friends,
for she grants wisdom amongst
the other virtues.

The All-Creator without boundaries
One says, see there she is, the allcreator,
she looks like a lady,
which is wrong, she is without form.

One says she belongs to that planet,
or that specie. Which is wrong, she is without name.

As one can say the All-Creator is an inferior Goddess,
which is for that person his vision, as others
who truly know her, can say, let them believe.

As one can say, the All-Creator is endowed
with feelings, is jealous or sometimes hatefull.
Just let them think, for She has a personal relationship

As one can say, i have the responsability
to share or defend Her, which is not true,
She choose You and if others get her mercy
they will be adressed by Her.

As the Creator source of universe, reality and
all dimensions. source of religions and faith as well.
Know the All-Creator as above.

As one say, yuo deserve on religon to attend,
the others are either evil or demi-gods.
Know the All-Creator as above all,
granting as She wishes.

As one says, why did you deserve her name.
Then say, without path, without reason
is her Mercy, as she is above space,
and above intelligence.

She is invisible, unknowable, and her
path is not seen by the footsteps of men.

She is neither form, nor name,
as she is above all form, above all name.