Left and right hand learning

For a source being esteemed

As one has the option at birth to choose its
source of wisdom or source of knowledge

As two options
being regarded as insights.

The first is to have intelligence
and the use of both logics, counting
and the use of verbal rephrasing.

This intelligence is used on earth
to have in youth the education and
the ability for adult job and adul learning

As this source of intelligence
is started with learning counting
and words. by vision or by units.

This source of intelligence
is a path from step to step
to an abstract understanding
by calculating.

As calculation is not only numbers
but being by words and languange too.

As this type of intelligence
can cope with the learned knowledge
and the use of methods being explained
and being internalized.

As being words, numbers and all
the methodology to use them
for a certain task or goal.

The second type of intelligence
is the one not learning, not using
methods but by the feeling of attending
a goal without knowing prior steps.
or the use of methods.

Its like having a goal and reaching towards it
without counting steps, or functions.

To have this second type of intelligence
is to be intuitive and to use instinct
to cope with life.

As learning to use the second type
is within the system of education on the same
level. but as they say by using intuition
or your heart is not very depending on
the grades you get.

With the explanation that a different curve
in the use of intelligence to both
learn and cope are different.

As this second type is not by counting
or methodology even months after learning
even with bad grades can suddenly give
the insight and even when tested can give
grades being very good at it.

As this second type too is the searching
for the essence of the knowledge being given
and when this essence is attained
can be used for all future level insights.

For as they say, imitating or copying knowledge
is bound by the level of it being given
and for grasping it with your heart can
apply it to all knowledge either already
being teached or in future lessons.

For two types of intelligence
the first one grasped and understood
also by mind. and the second one
with an invisible kind of understanding
but still to be understood by the grades
being get by it.